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Morihata-Sasawashi Bath Mat


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A neutral mat that’s as functional as it is beautiful, the Sasawashi Bath Mat was designed with the modern bather in mind. A natural textile with twice the absorbency of cotton, Sasawashi fabric soaks up water from the bath in seconds. Infused with naturally deodorizing kumazasa plant fibers, Sasawashi fabric prevents odors and mildew growth for a long-lasting and strong bath mat. The woven, sand-like texture gently exfoliates wet feet after the bath and prevents dust from gathering on the surface.

About Sasawashi:

Sasawashi was founded as a reaction to the wastefulness and ephemeral lifespan of the textile industry. Made from absorbent washi paper threads infused with antibacterial kumazasa plant fibers, this innovative fabric offers natural deodorizing properties that prevent mildew growth and fiber deterioration.


Sasawashi fabric, polyester non-slip backing, acrylic piping


S - 18" L x 14" W
M - 25.5" L x 18" W
L - 30" L x 22" W


Machine wash in a net with similar colors. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Keep in a dry environment between uses.

Osaka, Japan



Sold Out