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Little Critterz-Miniature Porcelain Figurine


Little Critterz are adorable, collectible carded miniature porcelain figurines, about 1.75 " high or long depending on the shape of each of each animal Each is hand crafted and hand painted by skilled artisans to represent the unique color and detail of each animal A perfect gift for your friends, family or yourself and a delightful addition to any collection. Packaged in a clear 2" x 2" , recyclable plastic collector box.

Deer Doe: Except for Australia and Antarctica, deer can be found all over the world. The deer family is quite large, with 47 species.

Red Fox: Red Foxes have a long bushy tail, known as a brush, that is tipped with white fur. They are the largest fox and the most abundant ranging across the entire Northern Hemisphere.

American Robin: The American Robin with its distinctive red breast is a common backyard songbird of North America. Robin's egg blue is a color named after the bird's eggs. It is considered to be a symbol of spring.

Timber Wolf: Gray Wolves also known as Timber Wolves, are the largest of all wild dogs. They communicate in many ways and work together to hunt, raise their young, and protect their territory.

Red Tail Hawk: Red-Tailed Hawks are the most common hawk of North America. They are keen eyed & efficient hunters often seen gazing from elevated perches or soaring high in the sky and slowly turning circles with their broad wings.

Barn Owl: Barn Owls are the most widely distributed owl in the world with distinctive heart-shaped pale face masks & large black eyes. With their excellent hearing and low-light vision, they can capture prey easily in total darkness.

Bigfoot: An elusive mythical creature

Handmade in Thailand



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