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Kinto-Sepia // Tumblers


Like looking into an old photo, SEPIA evokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort. The square shaped handles of cups and the gently curving form of tumblers allow you a firm grip. The tray is elegant with thick handles made of solid wood, and there is coating on its surface that prevents items from slipping when serving. Made of heat-resistant glass, items can be used for hot and cold drinks

Heat‐resistant glass, microwave and dishwasher safe

Maximum temperature differential: 248℉/120℃ 

9oz: φ3.0 x H3.0 x W3.1 in / 9.1 oz

12oz: φ2.8 x H3.7 x W3.1 in / 12.5 oz

Pair with Saucer-Lightweight teak saucer fits sepia mugs and cups. Coating on the surface allows items to be served smoothly by preventing items from slipping



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