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Iris Hantverk-Face Brush // Birch


Face brush made of birch and horse hair (wet use) or goat hair (dry use).

Wet Brush: Use the brush while washing with your facial cleansing lotion to remove makeup, dirt, and exfoliate. Use gentle circular motions while avoiding eyes and mouth area.

Dry Brush: Face brush in oak and goat hair. Use the brush dry on a clean dry face. Don't use the brush wet. Effectively removes dead skin cells and give the skin new lustre. Massage with circular motions for 5 minutes once or twice a week, avoiding eye and mouth areas.
Clean your brush ones a week by sprinkling cornstarch on the bristles, massaging gently then shaking out. Cornstarch will absorb and remove oil and dirt.

Birch 4" x 1.75" 



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