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Kinto-Bottlit Canister


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Bottle shaped canisters are ideal for storing dried foods. Contents come out easily by tipping the bottle, and the clear glass colored by the contents inside gives an accent to your table

Heat-resistant glass, Cork, microwave and dishwasher safe

Maximum temperature differential: 120℃ / 248℉ 

 5oz-φ1.6 x H4.8 x W2.2 in (φ40 x H120 x W55 mm)

10oz-φ1.8 x H6.6 x W2.6 in / 10 oz (φ45 x H165 x W65 mm / 300 ml)

20oz-φ2.2 x H8.4 x W3.2 in / 20.4 oz (φ55 x H210 x W80 mm / 600 ml)



Sold Out